Help Desk Ticket System any Church Could use

If you’re anything like me I’m sure you have received numerous questions or statements at church like, “Hey, I noticed that a speaker jack is broken.” Or “Can you fix that door? It’s falling off the hinges.” I’m sure you have either received similar questions or have asked similar questions. Most of the time it’s a person to person conversation and depending how many of those you receive I’m sure there are some that get forgotten or lost. Maybe you write it down only to lose that paper the next day.

I’m the Technical Director and Facilities Manager at a church. So I wear a couple of hats. (Pretty common in most churches) Our church has about 1000 people each weekend spread out between 4 services. A church of any size can have lots of request each and every week. There comes a time where it is difficult to stay on top of such requests.snip20160107_1


I created a help desk ticket system powered by Google. We have a page on our website that we can direct people to go when they have an issue or need something fixed. One is for any building related issues, and one for any tech related issues. Once the Google Form is filled out and submitted that person gets a confirmation email saying that the ticket is in our queue. That is then automatically entered into a Google Sheets Doc and sends me an email. Also the user that entered the ticket gets an email Thanking them for their ticket and stating that we will be working on the ticket the email also includes what place in line the ticket is in. (This is based off the status column as being “New”

With this system it keeps everything electronic, sends out emails, and notifies everyone involved. Keeping us organized and aware of any issues or broken things.

Once I assign the ticket to either myself or to someone else I change the status of the ticket to “In Progress” or any of the other options that we have set up, I prompt Google Sheets to email the user that entered the ticket that the status has been updated and tells them what the status is and any notes that I might have entered.

When the ticket is completed we then mark the ticket “Completed” and add any notes that need to be added. When that is all done, again that user will receive an email letting them know that their ticket has been completed and will let them see all the notes that have been entered for that ticket.

So far having this system in place has kept us very organized and up to date on any issues. We are still trying to figure out how many people should see the webpage where a ticket can be submitted. Right now it’s a hidden page and can only be accessed by using a direct link to the page.

If you would like more info on getting a Help Desk Ticket system setup please feel free to contact me, I would like to help out.