Blackmagic HD Video Upgrade

We just finished designing a full video upgrade for MBC. Our current system has been in place since the building was built. (Around 2007) At that time HD was very expensive and we were not doing very much video work.

Now 9 years later we are doing a lot more video. We are streaming online our 5:30pm, 9:30am, 11:00am service, recording our services for after service DVD requests and posting our video messages on Vimeo, youtube, and our website.

We built an addition that is for our kids and youth department and with this addition we upgraded our video system to full HD that would be moved from our current booth and into a dedicated video production room which is located in this new addition. From this room we will running our cameras and all video switching to our Worship Center as well as feeding live video to around 15 locations through out our Church.

With the help of Matt Satorius AKA “Sators” and Eric Coleman we have come up with every component needed for this upgrade as well as a full wiring diagram for everything.

Some of our main components of our system is as follows

Video Switcher: BlackMagic ATEM 2 Broadcast Panel
Video Switcher: Blackmagic ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K
Video Router: BlackMagic Smart VideoHub 40×40
Projector Feeds: AJA SDI to DVI video converters
Camera’s: 2 Vaddio Roboshot 30’s PTZ (SDI Out), 2 Marshall CV-502’s (SDI Out), 1 Sony PXW-X70 (SDI Out)
Computers: 2 MacPro, 1 Mac Mini displaying ProPresenter 6, 1 iMac for Live Streaming. Click Here to see our streaming setup. Click here to see our PP6 setup.

I built a custom desk that fits perfecting in our new room. It is built our of sheets of MDF and 2×4’s.

We run everything video wise through a Blackmagic 40×40 Smart Video Hub before the sources are sent to the switcher and throughout the building. The reason this was done is so wth a couple of button pushes we can route any source to any destination at any time

We went live with our new video system Easter of 2016.


Below are 2 spreadsheets showing how everything is wired and where everything is routed. These spreadsheets were made before anything was purchased. It pays to plan ahead and to not take any shortcuts.

Sources and Destinations Spreadsheet

Detailed Wiring List

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.


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