MIDI triggers lighting

Our lighting program is a program by Enttec called DMXIS. We run that on the same Mac Pro as  ProPresenter 6.

After some research I was able to find out that I could set up a MIDI trigger that PP6 would send a midi signal to DMXIS telling it to go to the next lighting cue.

Its really great that Renewed Vision allows demoing their modules for free.  I was able to get everything set up and tested making sure it would all work before buying the Midi Module.

Here is how it is set up:

  1. On the Audio MIDI Utility App on MAC’s (Its built in on OSX) create an IAC connection. It doesn’t matter what you name it. In this example I left it as “Bus 1” (default).

  1. On DMXIS the IAC Network Driver needs to be linked under the Preferences.
  2. Under the Communications tab on PP a midi device must be created. Click the “Add Device” on the bottom left, then click midi.
  3. Click the settings gear on the new midi box on the bottom right and select the IAC driver under the Destinations section. (Bus 1). Technically you only need to check the box under the Destinations section. Sources would be for an incoming midi note (Example, Ableton controlling slides in PP6) Destinations are midi triggers going out from PP (Example, send light cues to a lighting console or lighting computer/Program)
  4. The first slide of each song/video/announcement has 2 midi note on cues. The first cue needs to select which “Bank” needs to be selected. So add a midi cue Ch. 15, Then whatever bank you want to select is the note number… Example The first bank on DMXIS would have a note of C-2 (0) then set the intensity to 1.
  5. Next you need to select which preset to select. Add another midi cue this time selecting Ch. 16. Then which ever preset you want to select you would use that note. Example: Preset 3 would have Note D-2 (2) then set the intensity to 1.
  6. Currently below is a picture of our current DMXIS Bank/Preset. We leave everything in the same order so we only have to change lighting colors for the weekend Bank. (Based of Songs.)

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