ProPresenter Setup

Every weekend we have 3 ProPresenters running at the same time. We use the Master Control Module within ProPresenter 6 to accomplish this.

ProPresenter Master: Is a 2013 MacPro that is displayed on our 2 side projectors

ProPresenter Slave 1: 2010 MacMini that is displayed on our center projector. This is a screen that we made out of 2×2’s and foam board. This is a 4’x16′ screen. We use the Mask feature on ProPresenter in order to not have any run off on the images.

ProPresenter Slave 2: 2010 MacPro that is used for our Live Streaming. The slide backgrounds on this computer are set to green. We then use the Chroma Key on our Blackmagic Atem 2 M/E switcher to overlay the text onto our live video feed for Live Streaming.

We have 1 Propresenter Operator that controls the Master PP6. The Master Control Module has been rock solid for us, and works really well. Click here to see what fonts we use for our projection.

In order to set up the Master/Slave module, try demoing them first before buying them.

First enable the Master Control on your main propresenter computers. Then go to your preferences on slave computers and enable network. Side Note, computers need to be on the same network in-order for this to work.

Then give it a name that is dedicated to that slave computer. Back on your Master you should now see the slave computers. Select it and hit connect. Make sure the automatically connect is selected incase you restart PP6 or the computer once it boots up it will auto connect again.

We build our order of service on the Master PP6 then once set we export it and load it to the other Slave Computers. Playlist, Song, and Side orders need to be in the same order in order for Master/Slave to work. Any changes made on the Master computer need to be manually made on the Slave computers



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