Fonts We Use

We see a lot of discussions on what the best fonts to use, or what font is that?

There are so many fonts to choose from, and by no means are we experts. Some fonts that we use might not work for your purpose. This is something we have gone around and tried out and we are still trying to figure out what is best for our congregation.

Our current font list is:

Worship Slides on Side Projectors: Antonio, Font Size – 125, All Caps

Worship Slides on Center Projectors: Antonio, Font Size – 145, All Caps. This is a 16’x4′ screen

Worship Text for Online Stream: Futura Medium, Font Size – 50, Tracking – 16, All Caps

Staff Names: Rift Regular

Most slides only have 2 lines of text. This way it’s easier to follow/read and also allows us to increase font size.


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